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30 Year Anniversary Emblem/Slogan

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30 Year Anniversary Emblem

창립30주년 기념 엠블럼 국문,영문


The Coex emblem and the number
30 are combined to emphasize the brand
and future of Coex.

  • The colors of the emblem are magenta and black as above.
  • To prevent the distortion, transformation, and abuse of the corporate identity, the rules and regulations for the use of the Coex emblem must be strictly followed.
  • Any non-specified transformations or manipulations of the Coex logo, which can lead to brand damage, are strictly prohibited.
  • The size, ratio, or/and allocation of the Coex emblem cannot be changed on any occasion.

30 Year Anniversary Slogan

" Beyond COEX "

The 30 Year Anniversary Slogan implies the new objective of Coex, to exceed past successes and to rebrand itself as global company while celebrating its 30th anniversary.
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