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Office Leasing

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  1. step

    Submission of Forms (Fax +82-2-6000-1304)

    • Trade Center office space application form
    • Company standard (Trade Tower, ASEM Tower, Trading Exhibition Space)
    • Financial statements (income statement, balance sheet)
    • Business registration form
  2. step

    Company evaluation and placement on waiting list

  3. step

    Companies with high evaluation scores given priority when office space becomes available

  4. step

    Sign Contract and Make Down Payment

    • Upon signing of contract: 10% of the deposit
    • 1 day prior to contract start: remaining 90% of deposit
  5. step

    Interior and Construction

    • Submission of construction application form and other necessary documents to be completed at least 5 days prior to beginning of construction
    • Construction may begin only after approval from Technical Support Team
    • Completion notice must be submitting after completion of construction
  6. step

    Move in

    • Submit company signage application form (TT, AT/TM) 1 week before move in
    • Submit application for carrying in of goods 1 day before move in
    • Move in may take place only on weekends (Saturday, Sunday)
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