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Exhibition Hall Leasing

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Please contact below for inquiries regarding the Lease Procedure.
Phone : +82-2-6000-1124 / E-mail :

  1. step

    Send in Inquiry. (e-mail :

    • Outline of the Event
    • Space Requirements (㎡)
    • Overview of the event (include the set up, move-in, move-out date)
    • Contact Information
  2. step

    Negotiate the Lease Settlement Date.

  3. step

    Send in Required Documents by E-mail or Post.

    • Official Document
    • Lease Application Form (COEX form)
    • Overview on the event
    • Business Registration Certificate
  4. step

    Make a Down Payment.
    ※ Down payment is 20% of the lease fee.
    ※ If the contract is signed less than 180 days before the beginning of the event, a down payment of 50% must be made.

  5. step

    Make a Middle Payment. (180 days prior to the contract date)
    ※ Middle payment is 30% of the lease fee

  6. step

    Submit Technical Support Application Form. (In-person meeting required 14 days prior to the contract date)

    • Technical Support Application Form
    • Layout (3 copies of A3 sized paper, specify the types and number of the booth)
    • List of Participating Companies
    • A Copy of Liability Insurance
    • Outline of the Event, Press Release, etc.
  7. step

    Make a Payment of Remaining Balance, VAT and Management Deposit. (7 days prior to contract date)
    ※ Remaining balance is 50% of the lease fee.
    ※ VAT is 10% of the total payment.
    ※ Management Deposit for exhibitions is 20% of the lease fee and 30% for other events. (In this case, the lease fee does not involve the cost of differentiated rates.)

  8. step

    Final Account Settlement After Closing the Event.

    • Remaining balance: 50% of lease fee according to contract
    • VAT: 10% of lease fee according to contract
    • Management deposit: 20% of lease fee before applying differentiated rates by halls
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