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COEX Logomark
The Coex logo represents the dynamic and forward-thinking
characteristics of the brand through its swooping, flexible design.
The Coex logo also embodies a contemporary,
vibrant cultural image full of energy and passion.

Clear Space

COEX Clear Space
A specified clear space ensures the impact
of the features of the Coex logo.
Please be sure to leave the specified clear space
when using the Coex logo.


Full Color

PANTONE Process Magenta C
PANTONE Process Magenta C
Nagative Coex Logo, Logo_White, Background_PANTONE Process Magenta C

Nagative Coex Logo


Background_PANTONE Process Magenta C

Logo_PANTONE Process Magenta C, Background_PANTONE 525C

Logo_PANTONE Process Magenta C

Background_PANTONE 525C

Black & White

Black 80%
Black 80%
Logo_White, Background_Black



※ If the logo is used only on color Coex Puple the Coex Magenta.

The colors of the Coex logo are Coex Magenta,
Coex Dark Gray, and White.
In principle, Coex colors require spot-color printing.
CMYK printing may also be possible, however,
providing that efforts are made
for an optimal match.


Coex Logomark - Background color
When brightness contrast is under 20%, the positive Coex logo must be used. For brightness contrast of over 40%, the negative Coex logo must be used.
Black & White
Coex Logomark - Black & White
When black brightness contrast is under 30%, the positive Coex logo must be used. For that of over 30%, the negative Coex logo must be used.
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