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[Show Report] Automation World
Writer coex2015380 Date 2017-04-19 Views 592

Automation World 2017 finished with great success last March as the exhibition saw a number of concurrent events and great visitor numbers.

This year was the 27th edition of the show, which was held in conjunction with the Korea Vision Show and the Smart Factory Expo. Visitor numbers were up 24% this year, seeing a whopping 27,226 visitors over the course of the three-day event.  The exhibition featured 391 companies, 29 of which were from 10 different overseas countries.

Most of the exhibitors say they came to the show to promote their brand, showcase new products, and search for new distribution channels. Satisfaction with the 1:1 Business Matching Program were at an all time high with 100% of exhibitors saying they thought the program was satisfactory, and 92% considering participation in the 2018 edition.

Together Aimex, the Korea Vision Show, and the Smart Factory Exhibition feature a wide range of products in the factory automation industry including motion sensors, pneumatics,  industrial cameras,  smart factory software, and more.

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