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Exhibition Halls

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Hall B(1st floor)

Hall B consists of a 7,290m² exhibition hall and a swing space. The hall partitions into 2 sections. With only a minimum number of pillars on the hall, the hall accommodates up to 360 booths and can be used flexibly.

Basic Layout

Floor Plan


Location1st floor
Size8,010㎡ (with swing space) : partitions into two sections
UseExhibitions, meetings, events
Capacity360 booths(3m x 3m/booth)
FacilitiesFloor finish : polished concrete
Trench box : water, air, electricity, drainage and communication service outlet
Space between pillars : 18m, 27m
Floor load : 1.5 tons/m²
OthersSwing space : 720m², can be used as exhibition space, loading corridor or passageway between halls
Organizer’s office : 1 per hall on mezzanine floor (126m²)
Multi-purpose room : 1 per hall at freight gate (60m²)


 Hall #DimensionsCeling HeightUsable Area
MetersFeetMetersFeetSq. MetersSq. Ft
Hall B145.0 × 81.0147.6 × 265.79.531.23,64539,235
245.0 × 81.0147.6 × 265.79.531.23,64539,235
1+290.0 × 81.0295.3 × 265.79.531.27,29078,470
Swing Space18.0 × 40.059.1 ×,750

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