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Coex Artium

Coex Artium is designed to vividly present the expression and sentiment of the actor by minimizing the seat and the stage. Also, thoroughly examining the dispersion and clearness of sound, it added richness having reverberation time of 1.3 second. Numerous Patterns and cutting edge stage allows various stage equipments and stage transitions. Not only the stage facilities but also other facilities for make-up, actors, director, staffs have been designed considering the flow. With easy accessibility based on public transportation, subway lines No.2(Samsung Station), 7(Cheongdam Station) and 9(Bongeunsa Station) and bus lines, it is playing a pivotal role in promoting performance culture not only to concert lovers but also the general public. From its opening in 2009, it is being loved by the visitors through popular Korean and international musicals. Working together with top celebrities, SM TOWN opened in 2015 being well received by its visitors.

Major Performances

  • 2015.01Hologram Musical <School OZ>
  • 2013.07Musical <‘Hey, Zanna!>
  • 2013.04Musical <Youth Parade>
  • 2012.11Musical <Legally Blonde>
  • 2012.10Sparkling Musical <Dream>
  • 2012.06Musical <Brothers were brave>
  • 2012.02Musical <Dalgonag>
  • 2011.11Musical <Youth Parade >
  • 2011.07Musical <Temptation of Wolves>
  • 2011.04Musical <Youth Parade>
  • 2010.11Musical <Legally Blonde>
  • 2010.10Performance <TAAL>
  • 2010.08Musical <The Rocky Horror Show> orginal team
  • 2010.06Musical <Chorus Line>
Through an open competition to pick a competent management business that can provide high quality culture and art and contribute to the more attractive Trade Center based on effective management, SM Entertainment was selected and is currently running the space.
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