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Coex Theaters

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Art Hall

Located on the 2nd floor, Coex art hall is a small performance theater with 200 seats. It is also capable of performances of various genre from theater, dance to musical and Korean traditional music designed by the renowned architect Seok-cheol Kim who also designed Seoul Art Center and Korean Pavilion, Venice Biennale.

Major performances

  • 2014.09Performance <My Mother>
  • 2014.03Theater <Liar>
  • 2013.11Music Detox <Healing Feeling>
  • 2013.09Theater <The Art of Seduction>
  • 2013.08Music Detox <Healing Feeling>
  • 2013.07Family Musical <My father is the best>
  • 2013.05Children Health Musical <If you pick noses>
  • 2013.04Music Detox <Healing Feeling>
  • 2013.03Picture Play <Cloud Bread>
  • 2013.02Comic Theater <Clumsy People>
  • 2012.11Theater <Liar 1>
  • 2012.09Picture Play <Cloud Bread>
  • 2012.09Theater <The man and the women>
  • 2012.06Musical <YIPSAK-A Chicken Wild>
  • 2012.01Theater <Liar 1>
  • 2012.03English Musical <Cloud Bread>
  • 2012.01Children Concert <Cloud Bread>
  • 2011.11Musical <You Are Special>
  • 2011.05Theater <The Old Thief’s Story>
  • 2011.04Theater <With You>
  • 2011.04Theater <Wives Going Out>
  • 2010.03Theater <University of Laughs>
  • 2009.05The Old <Thief’s Story>
  • 2008.03Musical <Chance>
  • 2007.03Musical <Chance>
  • 2007.01Theater <Old Couple’s Story>
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