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Coex Theaters

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Designed for Asia-Europe Summit Meeting, it can serve various events from awards, musical, concert and filming.
Ceiling embodying bird wings and fan shaped seat floor make beautiful and elegant ambience with subsidiary facilities such as dressing room and coak room.

Major Performances

  • 2014 Spring Theme Concert
  • 2008 Winter Lee Sun-Hee 25th Anniversary Concert
  • 2008 Summer Musical <Dal-Go-Na>
  • 2007 Winter Musical <I Really Really Like It>
  • 2006 Winter Musical <Grease>
  • 2005 Winter Musical <Jesus Christ Superstar>
  • 2005 Summer <Joyful Renowned Concerts>
  • 2004 Summer & Winter <Summer Classic Festival>
  • 2003 Winter Musical <The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde>
  • 2002 Winter 2003 – Concert <My Once-In-A-Lifetime Concert>

Through an open competition to pick a competent management business that can provide high quality
culture and art and contribute to the more attractive Trade Center based on effective management,
SM Entertainment was selected and is currently running the space.

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