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Green Coex

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Coex takes our commitment to environmental stewardship very seriously. In order to maintain the balance between large-facilty operations and environmental responsibilty, Coex has implemented a wealth of eco-friendly programs and renovations, with more in store for a greener future.

Green Coex

About Coex’s Green Campaign

The Coex Center is not only Korea’s top convention and exhibition location, but also the heart of the Korean World Trade Center complex. Every year, more than 35 million visitors choose Coex and the surrounding facilities as their destination, with an average of 100,000 people arriving each day.

Despite the massive volume of guests and activities at the complex, Coex has managed to also become a pioneer in Korea’s green growth industry, achieving many environmental management firsts in Korea and keeping pace with the latest emerging eco-friendly technologies.

Since kicking off our official Green Campaign in 2004 at the 4th Korea-Japan-China VIP Forum, we have aggressively pursued a policy of holistic environmental stewardship in order to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a leader in the Green MICE industry.

Green Task Force

In September of 2008, a dedicated environmental administration committee was formed which now manages and monitors all of Coex’s environmental efforts. In addition to overseeing all of Coex’s green facilities, the Green Management Committee also has created a roadmap for Coex’s environmental stewardship progress for the coming years, which details Coex’s concrete carbon and waste reduction goals. This information will soon be available online.

Further Information

To learn more about Coex’s eco-friendly efforts, please see the below:

  • To learn more about Coex’s green management practices, please visit Eco-Friendly Business.
  • To learn about how Coex’s innovative facilities help to conserve energy and precious natural resources, please visit Green Facilities.
  • To learn about environmental meetings and exhibitions that have chosen Coex as their meeting venue, please visit Green Events at Coex.
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