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Coex Character

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From April 30th to May 10th, there are many remarkable and interesting events in
C-Festival held around Coex where is designed as Gangnam MICE special zone.

Coex prepared it without anyone knowing, but six alien friends far away from Cosmos have come to Coex to get the tickets.

I wonder how they know it.

They are so small that we can see them taking a close look, but fortunately they are not bad. They will return to their Cosmos where they lived after C-Festival.

These great friends want to meet good children living on the earth; we will make their large dolls in Coex for good children to see them because they are too small to see. Come to Coex and meet these nice alien friends!

Please remember their names exactly! They don’t like to be called with wrong names.

  • Longco,
    Coex alien character
    with long head and long body
  • Coco,
    Coex alien friend character
    that looks like a koala
  • Moonco,
    Cute Coex character
    that looks like the moon
  • Funco,
    Character that four are in one but joyful
  • Occo,
    Coex one-eyed
    character that
    looks like an octopus
  • Hipco,
    Fashionable character that likes Hip-hop
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